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Commercial Construction Dispute Management

Professional Dispute Resolution for the Houston Construction Industry

Dispute ResolutionDisputes can arise at any stage of your construction project. The Houston cost estimation experts at Halford Busby can help you with proactive strategies that can reduce the frequency of these disputes and can provide alternative methods for their resolution. By working with our company, you can enjoy the benefits of our extensive experience in the construction cost consulting field and can limit the impact of these disputes on your workflows and your company’s bottom line.

Dispute Resolution Strategies

Before the contracts are signed, Halford Busby can help you incorporate dispute resolution wording into these documents that can reduce the risk of litigation for your company. By including a framework for resolving disputes with contractors, clients and suppliers into your contracts, you can protect yourself and your company against unwarranted and unwanted legal entanglements. Our team of Houston construction cost estimation consultants have more than a century of combined knowledge and expertise in the field. This exceptional level of experience allows us to provide you with the best guidance in creating contracts that protect your company most effectively.

Change Order Disputes

Change orders can cost your company time and money. Unexpected alterations in the scope or nature of the work your crew is asked to perform can also affect your schedule and leave you struggling to fulfill your contractual obligations. At Halford Busby, we can provide you with the support you need throughout the construction process to ensure that change orders are accounted for financially and that sufficient time is allotted for these alterations. Our Houston construction cost estimating team will work with you to navigate these issues with clients while making sure that your interests are represented throughout the process.

Contractor Disputes

Delays in supplying necessary materials or in providing contracted services can result in serious issues for your construction project. When these events occur, our cost estimation project management team at Halford Busby will provide you with the most accurate estimates on the amount of money and time needed to correct the problem and to ensure the success of your project. We can negotiate with your suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that your company is compensated for these failures to deliver on contractual obligations. This can help your business to avoid financial losses while protecting you legally against the consequences of these disputes.

Finding the right solutions for contract disputes can help your company maintain its positive reputation in the Houston construction industry while protecting you against unexpected losses. At Halford Busby, we are committed to the goal of adding value to your bottom line. To that end, we provide you with the most accurate commercial construction cost management of  projects to include dispute resolution options that offer real protection against financial setbacks. Call us today at 281-920-1100 to discuss your situation with our team of expert consultants and to set up an initial consultation. We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you.