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Real-world Experience Improves Construction Schedule, Reduces Costs

At Halford Busby, each scheduling project is begun with a clean slate. Every project presents its own unique challenges and variables and it is vital to develop a schedule that is site specific rather than using “boiler plate” templates and thinking. We believe this approach helps to ensure that all facets of the project are adequately captured in the schedule.

We begin with an in-depth review of all documentation, carefully identifying key construction phases in the project. Ongoing discussions with the client throughout the schedule development prevents costly misunderstandings and surprises.

With our experience, we not only understand the known variables but can also think outside of the box and identify and make assumptions about necessary phasing and coordination of activities, equipment and manpower as it applies to the specific location, construction methodology and type of facility.

Our scheduling is backed by our skilled cost estimators and on-staff architects. By quantifying materials, we gain a clear picture of labor and equipment requirements while our architects break down the logical progression of construction. With these two disciplines working together, we develop a schedule that is thorough, sound and based on “real world” time frames.

We understand that the final schedule may need to be presented in any number of layouts and formats. Our scheduling team remains flexible so that we may meet any specific requirements our client may have.

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