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Project Management Services for Construction by Halford Busby

When it comes to construction projects, companies worldwide rely on Halford Busby’s strong project management services to keep jobs on schedule and within budget. We work closely with clients to understand your real estate requirements nationwide or even worldwide. Plus, we’re able to take a truly comprehensive approach to every project. From project kick-off to move-in, Halford Busby prides itself on being a good steward of both your time and financial investments.

Our construction managers are involved in projects early on to:

  • refine the project scope based on your goals,
  • help select the architect,
  • provide cost estimates for the project,
  • put together a schedule to optimize the project timeline,
  • run your project efficiently with on-site project managers and
  • supply oversight on the job and control project costs.

How do we ensure successfully run construction projects? Communicating regularly and clearly with all parties has proven critical for keeping projects on track. When scope changes arise, our team carefully evaluates change orders  to minimize the impact on your budget and timeline. We serve as an extension of your team, ensuring your end goals remain top-of-mind.

Objective Consultants Stay Focused

While some organizations try using their own staff members to manage construction projects, most find that their own employees are pulled in so many directions that they aren’t able to give projects the focus they really demand. In contrast, Halford Busby brings laser focus to every project and apply best practices learned from a multitude of projects from around the world. Our experienced project managers offer a wealth of construction project expertise that truly covers all aspects of your project.

Organizations across industry sectors and around the world depend on Halford Busby’s strong project management and program management services. Learn more about the projects we’ve worked on. Contact us to bring our construction management and cost control experts to your next project.