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Construction Cost Estimating for Commercial Construction

In-depth Construction Cost Estimator Services

Cost EstimatingHalford Busby’s professional staff is ready to serve as your construction cost estimator and consultant. Our consultant/advisor-level professionals come from several different fields with varied construction backgrounds and knowledge. Our staff is compiled of some of the most experienced and sought-after estimators, cost engineers and schedulers in the industry. Our cost estimating services include:

Project Budget Estimating

Halford Busby’s seasoned cost estimators develop accurate budgets based on years of experience in the field. We have a proven track record of accuracy in cost estimating across all project types–from competitive sealed bids and hard bids to construction management at risk.

At the earliest stage, Halford Busby supports its clients by creating preliminary estimates based on the conceptual information to ensure sufficient budget is available to complete the project. These cost planning procedures are used for material and system selection as well as to optimize efficiency and keep a lid on costs. This type of project budget estimating helps the owner and architect understand if the project needs to be redesigned or if the owner is ready to proceed.

Litigation/Arbitration Support

We provide strong experience in problem resolution. We’ve tracked projects from the initial bid stage to project closure, and have successfully managed changes and disputes. In fact, we’ve also served as industry experts on numerous projects and litigations.

Feasibility Studies

We can also help you determine if a project with a certain set of materials, systems and circumstances is feasible. Our cost estimating techniques allow us to run various scenarios that show clients alternatives and the impact of those decisions short- and long-term. This information helps our clients make the most informed decisions possible.

Budget Reconciliation

The detailed construction estimates that Halford Busby delivers to our clients are intended to be used as benchmarks in evaluating bid documents. Our estimates are usually within a +/-2.2 percent tolerance of the accepted bid and frequently are better than =/-1 percent. Where there are variances between a Halford Busby-prepared estimate and the final, accepted bid, Halford Busby works with the owner, architects and engineers to resolve the differences to everyone’s satisfaction.

Change Order Analysis

Change orders are often a necessary part of construction projects, yet they usually present unexpected costs. To help address this and manage your costs, Halford Busby carefully analyzes contractors’ submitted change orders on your jobs. We verify each line item in the request and provide an analysis of the contractors’ and subcontractors’ requests as well. These are verified with the documents submitted to the contractor for inclusion versus the original bid-from documents. This analysis ensures the owner of the validity of change request.

Bid Evaluation

Halford Busby partners with our clients to evaluate received bids and compare those bids against the budget and the estimate. Through this process, we can highlight any irregularities that may occur and facilitate the reconciliation and adjustment of the bid prior to any contract letting.

Life-Cycle Cost Analysis

A specialized process, life-cycle cost analysis involves establishing the initial cost of a project and then the depreciation of the value of the project over a specified number of years or the mandated life-span of the project. All items of construction are included as well as all utility costs involved to provide the owner with a comprehensive analysis of the cost and return on investment.

Companies nationwide trust Halford Busby with a wide range of construction cost estimating services. We hope you will too. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.