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Construction Claims Analysis by Halford Busby

Professional Claims Analysis and Support

Cost EstimatingProfessional construction claims and cost analysis can provide your company with much-needed protection against potential litigation issues. At Halford Busby, our team of Houston construction cost estimation consultants have extensive experience in dealing with all types of claims and providing you with the best possible solutions for these issues. We can provide you with real support in determining the validity of a claim and taking the appropriate steps to resolve these situations quickly and fairly.

Why Your Company Needs Expert Claims Analysis

Construction claims can occur at any time during your project. Some of the most common reasons for these claims include the following:

  • Wrongful termination of contracts with employees or subcontractors
  • Payment claims
  • Issues involving unforeseen delays or schedule disruptions
  • Expenses associated with correcting mistakes
  • Demands for construction acceleration
  • Inadequate or defective contract documentation
  • Conditions on the worksite
  • Changes in the scope of the work to be performed
  • Loss of productivity
  • Failure to deliver needed materials on time
  • Subcontractor malfeasance

Many of these issues can be avoided by entrusting your program and project management to Halford Busby. Our proactive approach to commercial construction cost estimation can help you ensure that you have the information needed to plan and schedule your project most effectively. We can also provide support in managing change orders, creating comprehensive and accurate contract documents and ensuring sufficient labor to help you budget for your projects in the most cost-effective manner. By managing your risks upfront, you can enjoy the benefits of our forward-thinking approach to the entire construction process.

Comprehensive Claims Analysis Services

Halford Busby can provide you with a full range of options when dealing with claims made by or against your company. We will perform in-depth analysis that can identify the precise costs of the issue at hand to help you quantify the problem more precisely. This can allow you to manage mediation, arbitration and litigation while protecting your company’s reputation and financial situation. The team at Halford Busby is highly qualified to ensure that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information during every phase of your project. We will work with your company to help you protect and add value to your bottom line.

The professional team at Halford Busby can deliver the most comprehensive Houston construction cost estimation and claims analysis services for your company. By choosing us to manage all aspects of claims analysis, mediation and arbitration, you can even the playing field and ensure the best possible opportunity for success. We are committed to delivering the best project management solutions in the Houston construction industry. Give us a call today at 281-920-1100 to discuss any current issues or to begin preparing your company for future projects. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with outstanding service and to promote greater productivity and profitability now and in the future.