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Gallery of Cost Estimation Projects for the Legal Industry

Relevant Project Experience – Legal Support

The staff at Halford Busby has performed estimating services for legal support for cases of litigation, arbitration and claims for a wide variety of clients. Some of our most recent experience includes:

Private Clients

Beacon Place Townhomes, Units 31 – 35 Replacement, Houston
Knights Crossing Homeowners Association vs. MHI Partnership, Repair of 30 Townhomes, The Woodlands
BMSC Naterra Corporate Headquarters
The Stretford @ the Cascades Repairs, Tyler
Beacon Place, Current Fire Damage, Houston
Lakeside Apartments Project, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana
Legacy Condos HVAC Repair/Replacement Litigation, Gulfport, MS
Parkdale Plaza Shopping Center Lawsuit – Tenant Electrical Service Replacement, Corpus Christi

Texas Department of Transportation

Right of Way Project, Parcel No. 4, East Side of Ardmore North of Raleigh, Parking Lot Improvements, Houston
Parcel No. 13 – FM 2154 to UPRR – Unitarian Universalist Church, College Station
Parcel No. 4 – FM 2154 to UPRR – McDonald’s, College Station
Parcel No. 504 – Right of Way, US 290 STA 2540+00 to 2549+00, Houston
Parcel No. 702, US 290 from West of Eldridge Parkway to West of FM529 (Segment 7), Houston
Parcel No. 416, ROW CSJ: 0050-09-090, us 290 West of Pinemont to West of 34th St. (Segment 4), Houston
Parcel No. 001, Site Changes & Building Addition, Orange
Parcel No. 1306, Building Replacement – Harris County Smokehouse, Houston
Parcel No. 650A, 650B, 650C, 650D & 650F, ROW 0050-09-084, Houston
Parcel No. 11, ROW CSJ No:0015-07-078 From North LP 363 to North of Troy, Waco
Parcel No. 1505, ROW CSJ No.: 3256-01-101, Beltway 8 from W. Little York to N US 290, Houston
Parcel No. 308, ROW CSJ No.: 0500-03-546, From Nyack Drive to Medical Center Drive, Houston
Parcel No. 1509, ROW CSJ No.: 3256-01-101, Beltway 8 from W Little York to NUS 290 (Segment 15), Houston
Parcel No. 1507, 7111 Perimeter Park Drive Replacement/Repair, Houston
Parcel No. 1504, 10642 W Little York Replacement/Repair, Houston
Parcel No. 223, SeaCal Texas Industrial I Replacement/Repair, Houston
Parcel No. 43, ROW CSJ 0015-04-083, Musket 43 Love, Waco
Parcel No. 314, 10900 Northwest Freeway Office Building Replacement, Houston
Parcel No. 209 & NW 235 Northwest Mall Options, Houston


Pine Tree Middle School Litigation, Pine Tree ISD


Student Housing Full or Partial Brick Replacement, Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA