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Budget Consultation for Seminole Canyon State Park & Historic Site

Seminole Canyon State Park & Historic Site

Image Courtesy: Huit-Zollars, Inc.

In a world with an abundance of nature and life, very few locations or areas represent the innate connection humans possess with their surroundings better than a state park. One of the most unique and beautiful state parks you’ll find in Texas is the Seminole Canyon State Park & Historic Site.

Halford Busby provided budget consultation from pre-design through construction documents for Seminole Canyon State Park’s headquarters and restroom renovations, as well as the installation of new utilities. The architect and project manager on this project was Greg Wine of Huitt Zollars, Inc.

Seminole Canyon State Park and Historic Site in Val Verde County includes 2,172 acres of rocky terrain, deep canyons, caves, ancient rock art and a variety of Texas wildlife. One of the best views of the large state park is within its headquarters. The park headquarters will be furnished with new storefront windows for even better views of the surrounding area, updated interior finishes, a new roof and brand-new ramps for easy access to the headquarters. These renovations along with many more improvements, such as the deep cleaning of the exterior stone façade, make the important connection humans have with nature even greater and more enjoyable.

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Seminole Canyon State Park

Image Courtesy: Huit-Zollars, Inc.

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