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Budget Consultations for Riverside General Hospital

Budget consultation on historic hospital in Houston

Former View of Riverside General Hospital
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Buildings and homes can hold significant importance whether it be historical, cultural, or sometimes even both. Buildings can often symbolize something larger than the structure itself. Unfortunately, over time these symbolic locations can decline in condition. Luckily through the craft of restoration, society has made an effort to preserve these landmarks. One such landmark currently undergoing restoration is the Riverside General Hospital in Houston.

Halford Busby provided budget consultation from pre-design through construction documents for the restoration of the historical Riverside General Hospital’s headquarters, as well as the nursing school and utility building. Kirksey Architecture served as the project’s architect.

Future state view of Riverside General Hospital:

Future State Photo Courtesy: Kirksey Architecture

Riverside General Hospital was a longtime staple in Houston’s historic Third Ward, built in 1926, and served the African American community until 2015. The hospital is a beautifully and uniquely designed building worthy of restoration. To preserve and respect its history, many features of the building, such as the exterior doors and windows, will be restored to their initial appearance. To achieve this, nine wooden exterior doors, hardware, and frames, along with 1,150 square feet of windows with wooden frames will be expertly crafted and designed to replicate their original look and feel. The historic site is expected to be completed and reopened in 2025, just in time for the building’s century mark.

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Future State Photo Courtesy: Kirksey Architecture

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