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Cost Estimating and Reconciliation Services for University’s Film Studio

Cost Estimating of Texas State University’s Film and TV Studio

Photo Courtesy: The Lawrence Group

In 2020, Halford Busby provided cost estimating and reconciliation services on the construction of the new Live Oak Hall, a new film sound stage and TV studio facility at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. The building will serve approximately 600 students and faculty of the College of Fine Arts and Communication to meet the demand of the growing film program in the Department of Theatre and Dance. Live Oak Hall will also serve the School of Journalism and Mass Communication by providing a dedicated television studio to teach video production and television news courses. The project consisted of 10,300 gross square feet and has an estimated value of $8 million.


Project highlights include:

  • dumpster pad area,
  • electrical enclosure area,
  • parking spaces,
  • new asphalt fire lane.


Additionally, on the interior of the studio, our efforts covered:

  • a film sound stage,
  • TV studio,
  • recording mix studio and
  • a TV control room.


This project is a CMaR project, which means the construction would be completed within a guaranteed maximum price (GMP). Halford Busby partnered with architect The Lawrence Group and the general contractor was Vaughn Construction.


Halford Busby provided estimates at the 100 percent schematic design, 100 percent design development, 50 percent construction documents phase, 90 percent construction documents phase, and 100 percent construction documents milestones. The construction team broke ground on this project in August 2021 and the facility is expected to be operational by fall 2022.


Learn more about Halford Busby’s experience with construction cost estimating and reconciliation services in higher education.



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