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Pre-construction Planning and Budgeting for Commercial Construction

Change Order Evaluation & ExecutionThe planning stage of your building project is one of the most critical elements in determining its overall success. Working with a firm that specializes in Houston construction project management services can often help you deal with budgeting and advance scheduling for your activities before ground is broken for your upcoming projects. Here are some of the most important services to incorporate in your scheduling and conceptual estimating process.

Managing Time

Working with a company that offers expert Houston construction scheduling services can provide you with expert guidance when determining how long certain phases of your upcoming project will take. This can provide you with a general framework and a clear sense of the structure of the process and the order in which various activities must take place and be completed. Enlisting a little expert help in this pre-construction planning process can potentially streamline workflows and provide you with the most accurate scheduling possible even before your project officially begins.

Performing Research and Due Diligence

Making sure you understand all the factors that could affect the success of your construction project can be a solid step toward achieving the most positive results. Geological surveys of the property, city code and zoning checks and applications for permits can require extra time to complete. Incorporating these activities into your pre-construction planning sessions can ensure that you are ready to break ground and begin the building process as soon as possible after your plans are approved.

Compiling Necessary Documentation

Ensuring that permits, regulatory requirements and other pertinent documentation is stored in a centralized and easily accessible location can ensure that you and your contractors can obtain copies of these documents when necessary. This can keep your building project on track while ensuring full regulatory compliance with city, state and industry codes for your construction activities.

Planning Your Budget

Understanding your cost structure is important when working with a qualified and knowledgeable Houston construction cost estimator that can provide you with an accurate idea of the likely costs for materials, labor and other necessary elements of your project. Researching and analyzing your goals can help to more effectively plan for your construction budget obligations and can ensure the best and most practical budgeting throughout your construction activities.

At Halford Busby Construction Consultants, we offer construction management and estimating services for construction firms throughout the Houston metropolitan area. We work with companies large and small to provide the most accurate construction cost management services in the industry. Our attention to detail and many years of experience allow us to offer proven solutions for your business. Call us today at 281-920-1100 to schedule a consultation with us. Halford Busby is dedicated to adding value to your bottom line.

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