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Many Facets of Construction Program Management Services

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT & ESTIMATING CONSULTANTSMaking sure that your construction projects go smoothly is essential for your company’s ongoing success. Understanding our cost estimation services, can help you to make the right decisions regarding oversight and accountability for building projects. Here are some key facts and benefits of construction cost estimation services for your company and your needs.

A Question of Scope

The primary difference between Houston construction project management and program management is one of scope. Project management tools are used to schedule and oversee individual building projects from start to finish. Program management tools, by contrast, are used to oversee your pre-construction operations and can provide support for multiple projects at the same time or sequentially.

Features of Construction Program Management

Houston program management services comprise a wide range of oversight and scheduling activities to include the following:

  • Determining needs to be addressed
  • Designing new projects
  • Creating cost estimates for commercial construction projects (THIS IS WHAT WE DO!)
  • Submitting bids for projects and requests for proposals to subcontractors
  • Ensuring reliable supply chain arrangements
  • Scheduling from start to finish
  • Establishing budgets and setting priorities
  • Reporting progress toward goals
  • Monitoring costs and expenditures, including labor and materials
  • Dealing with close-out and phase end activities

These services can span several projects or years and can keep your spending and construction schedules on track for increased productivity and improved workflows on your building projects.

Benefits of Integrated Construction Program Management Services

By investing in Houston construction program management solutions, you can enjoy improved tracking of costs and schedules for all your projects and building activities. This can help you spot supply chain problems before they become serious obstacles to completing your construction on time. Some of the most important benefits of construction program management include the following:

  • Improved contract and document control
  • Easier sharing of information for improved collaboration
  • Increased control over costs
  • Enhanced risk assessments
  • Greater productivity and improved quality control measures

Working with a company that specializes in construction program management and cost estimation can provide you with added support throughout your building projects and can help you manage costs and schedules more easily for every construction job you and your crew take on.

At Halford Busby, we specialize in providing you with expert cost estimation and analysis that your company needs to achieve its goals. We work with companies throughout our area to ensure the most effective and practical solutions for your construction management and cost estimating needs. Call us today at 281-920-1100 to discuss your needs with our experienced consultants. The entire Halford Busby team is ready and eager to serve all your construction management needs.

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